Diversity Builds Strength... a Culture of Inclusion Builds Sustainability" M2R Inc.


Phil Claybrooke​


Phil has held operations & sales executive positions in small businesses; mid-sized businesses; and large corporations. These have included employee-owned and privately-owned companies , as well as publicly traded corporations. His experience has been in both union and non-union environments. His vast experience in various markets and geographic regions provides our Company with the leadership and experience needed.

Harvey Phelps

Executive VP

Business Development

Harvey has spent many years linking majority business' requirements with small businesses' services and products. His vast experience across the spectrum of large companies; small companies; and D/V/W/MBE companies and geographic regions provides a wealth of knowledge and relationships. He is relentless in seeking ways for our Company and Clients to mutually benefit from our relationship.

Sherrie Macko

VP, Training & Professional Development

Past Director of Supplier Diversity & Talent Management for Phillips 66. Led the company’s Supplier Diversity program; created and directed Strengths-based leadership initiative; Led procurement for Human Resources; and strategy development and negotiations for employee health and welfare benefits. Prior , she served as Manager of Supplier Diversity for American Airlines.

Heather Rickner

Office Mgr.

Heather has exceptional customer relations and communications skills. She has previous experience in customer call/dispatch centers and office management. Her attention to detail provides consistency in our business processes and ensures that each of our clients' specific requirements are not overlooked or missed. 

Allen Hooser

Board Member

Allen is a proven leader in advertising and social media. With over 16 years of experience in digital advertising, including; display, mobile, social and video, he brings a wealth of knowledge in developing and executing campaigns for B2B and B2C customers. 

David Hamilton

Board Member

Dave is a Customer-focused strategist & marketing executive experienced in helping businesses grow by securing capital, talent and clients. He is Adept at gaining access to C-level executives. Creator of Event Based Marketing.